Family Cabin TentYour family cabin tent will be your home away from home and you expect the structure to be secure, well built and offer protection from the elements – wind, rain and sun. When looking for your cabin tent you also want to find the intersection where value meets quality.

As the name implies, a family cabin tent is a tent large enough to house your family when you venture into the great outdoors. Cabin tents have internal dividers that can be zipped up to split the tented area into rooms or removed to allow for one large tent. The diameter of these tents vary depending on the number of rooms included in the tent. The wall and ceiling height of cabin tents is similar to those of large frame tents.

Benefits of family cabin tents.

  • A large cabin tent has obvious advantages over smaller tents. Having all campers together under one roof can be a lot more fun for the entire family. It can also mean that mom and dad will get a better nights sleep knowing everyone is safe and accounted for; parents can be certain there children don’t wander off in the night unescorted.
  • If the weather turns rainy, one of the rooms can be turned into a family room to gather and play games.
  • Other uses for a large family camping tent are when multiple families get together for a family reunion. A family cabin tent could accommodate two families.
  • No need to purchase and set up two smaller tents.
  • Plenty of room to stow your belongings.

Things to consider when buying a cabin tent.

What size tent do you need?
When deciding on the size of your cabin tent the number of people who will be housed in the tent is the first consideration. Take that number and add more room for stowing your belongings. So if you are planning on having 6 sleepers in your tent you might want a tent that would accommodate seven to eight campers.

The height of the tent should also be considered, especially if you have some tall family members.

If several rooms are what you are looking for the Swiss Gear Family Dome Tent can be divided into as many as four rooms and has a ceiling height of seven feet at it’s peak.  Having an extra room when the weather turns foul, or it is just to darn hot to be outside, can be a real bonus.  There will be room enough to have the kids entertained with some inside camping activities.

Does the tent have storage compartments?
Many tents have pockets and storage lockers built into them allowing you to store your clothing and other personal items.

Ease of pitching the tent
Are the set up instructions clear and easy to follow? Some tents have color coded tent poles which helps reduce the amount of time it takes to pitch the tent. This feature alone can help keep harmony within the family. If this is a priority for you and yours check out the Coleman Instant Tent. As the name implies it goes up in and instant.

Weathering the Elements
Does the tent come with a seam sealer or will that be an additional purchase? Your tents seams should be sealed each season. Is there an adequate rain fly to keep the tent dry in the event of rain? Sturdy construction and solid staking of the tent will keep your tent standing when strong winds blow.

Circulation and Ventilation
How many doors, windows and vents does the tent have? Entering a tent that feels like an oven can be most unpleasant. At night, when sleeping, a cool breeze will be appreciated too.

Storage and Tote Bag
A well built bag for storage and transport will make breaking camp much nicer. Especially if the bag is large enough to get the tent back into! The Cougar Flats 2 includes a tote bag that can be expanded for ease of repacking your tent. This durable bag is also set on wheels.

The best quality tents will include all of these things. Finding one at a great price makes it all the sweeter.

So why do we need a tent and why do we go camping?
We go camping to get closer to nature and to each other. We camp to get away from the day to day requirements of our lives and recharge. We camp to get away from all the technology that has taken over our lives.

Camping can bring sanity to our frazzled minds and harmony to our relationships that have become, like the rest of our lives, routine.

Tent camping is so primal. It offers the least amount of barriers between us and the elements. It gives us some needed protection and at the same time the feeling of being only a thin veneer away from the outdoors and a closeness to nature that sleeping at home cannot provide.

The best thing about your family cabin tent is, of course, your family – or whoever you choose to share your space with. All the features in the world can’t compare to that.

Happy Camping!

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Coleman Instant Tent 6

Coleman Instant 6 Person Tent

The Coleman Instant Tent 6 is a great purchase for anyone who wants to camp in style, without spending a lot of time or money in the process. The manufacturer, Coleman, has been around for nearly a century, and have become synonymous with top quality camping and outdoor products that are durable and provide added convenience during any outdoor excursion.

The Coleman Instant tent  holds up to the Coleman name, and provides any family or group with an easy to assemble, spacious, and weather resistant tent that can make your next camping trip all that more enjoyable.

Coleman Instant TentBenefits of the Coleman Instant 6 person tent:

    •  Due to the fact that this tent has a pole system which is already pre-attached, it only takes a minute or two to set it up. That means that you’ll have more time to enjoy the tent and the great outdoors, without having to worry about spending hours on putting up a tent that claims it features “assembly in a snap”. These two fellas will give you an idea of just how easy set up is.

  •  For added ventilation, this products features four windows and ceiling vents, so you can air out the tent whenever you like, and keep it cooler in warmer climates. The construction of the Instant Tent is twice as thick as its usual tent fabric. Therefore, you can stay cozy and dray, even in harsher weather conditions, without having to utilize a rain fly.
  • It is a spacious at ten-by-nine feet and it will fit four people  comfortably. Also, for those taller individuals in your group, the height clearance is 6 feet , so there’s enough room for just about anyone to stand up inside.
  •  For an added sense of security, it comes with Coleman’s 1 year warranty.

 Why the Coleman Instant tent is right for you.

It’s no wonder that the Coleman Instant tent is a favorite of many families. This tent comes in sizes that will accommodate four, six or eight campers. There is also a two room version of the Instant tent. The ease of set up is the same with each instant tent.

With more and more of us turning to camping for our vacations, especially given that is a cost efficient way to stretch your holiday dollar in this tight economy, it’s a great idea to invest in a tent that will fit your family comfortably, while staying within your budget. The fact that it’s a cinch to assemble and collapse is a bonus feature that definitely sets it apart from the competition. This tent has something for everyone, and that’s why it’s and ideal option for your next camping trip or outdoor adventure.

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Cougar Flats 2

The Columbia Cougar Flats 2 cabin tent is a good fit for families and for large groups of folks who like to camp together. The many advantages of this cabin tent make it a top seller. The size, quality and price are some of the reasons Cougar Flats ii tent owners are extremely happy with their purchase.

Two rooms  means you have the option to assign the kids one room while you snooze in the other, or the whole gang can bunk down in one room and use the extra room as a place to gather.

Cougar Flats IIGroups of folks that like to camp together can take advantage of the size of this tent and also the privacy that it affords. This would also be a good choice for children’s groups, like Girl Scout and Boy Scout groups, to take along on their camping trips. Yet another option is that this spacious tent can be configured into one huge room instead of two rooms, if needed. Very versatile.Because of it’s size the cougar flats tent sleeps six to ten people. This can be both a time and money saver. No need to purchase or set up two separate tents.

Pitching Your Cougar Flats 2 Cabin Tent Is Easy

Set up is easy and quickly done.  I don’t know about you, but I have spent more time than I care to remember being frustrated by tent set up in the past.  Simple, easy to follow directions and color coded poles make the cougar flats 2 tent set up much easier, leaving more time for the activities you enjoy.

Two doors and Two windows
There are two doors in this family cabin tent which allows for good traffic flow. With several campers going in and out this can be a real bonus.  When the doors and windows are open they allow for a better view of the surroundings making the tent seem larger still. This can also make it easier to keep an eye on the kids when you are inside the tent and they are outside playing. One drawback is that there isn’t an outside door in the back room.

Ample Air Circulation Keeps The Cougar Flats 2 Cool
The two windows, back air vents and top vents make for great air circulation that helps keep the interior cool on  hot days.  Both windows have protective awnings covering them that will shade the sun or divert the rain, depending on what is needed. These awnings allow the windows to be left open, even when it rains.  Having an awning over the front door would have been another nice touch.

Wheeled Carrying Bag
The cougar flats tent comes with a wheeled carrying bag.  I’m sure you can already imagine the bonus this is. There is no lugging of that fifty pound tent from your vehicle to the campsite, which makes it easier on the back.  Plus, Dad won’t have to be the only one assigned tent moving duties.

Have you ever wondered how the manufacture got the tent in the original box in the first place?  And we are expected to fold it up and put it back in that same box.  I don’t have the patience. Thank goodness the wheeled carrying bag has a zipper that increases the inside area of the bag when it’s time to repack the tent. There is also a hard plastic bottom on the bag that should increase the bags longevity.

Other features of the Cougar Flats 2 cabin tent are a camp port to run cable through the tent wall, a rain fly with 800mm waterproof coating, and internal storage that consists of pockets, storage lockers, cup holders and gear loft.

The benefits of the Columbia Cougar Flats 2 cabin tent are many making this good quality tent a good value as well.

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