15 Camping Games and Activities

Camping games and activities are the backbone of a great camping trip. Not only do we have fun with our family and friends but we also are making memories that will last a lifetime.  Here are a few ideas of some of the things you may want to include on your next camping trip.

Outside games

  • Scavenger hunt.  Create  a list of things that can be found near the campground.  Set out in groups and try to find the listed items.  At the designated time everyone gathers back at camp and sees who found the most things on the list.
  • Skip rocks. Great fun to teach the kids

    • Disc golf.  Out in the wild, trees or rocks can be substituted for the basket as the goal for each hole.  For the rules of disc golf visit this site.
    • Horseshoes.  Some campsites have this game available.  Kids sets are available that you could bring along as well.
    • Badminton.  Net, rackets and birdies and you are good to go.  If there isn’t a suitable area to set up the net, batting the birdie in a volley can work just as well.
    • Ice cream ball.  Make dessert while playing a game!  Just fill the ball with the ice cream ingredients, close it tight and roll it and toss it between you and your fellow campers.

Camping basics

  • How to use a compass.  Good skill for everyone to learn.   Visit this site for full instructions.
  • How to build a campfire. Show your children how to get that campfire going. Campfires are where many great camping memories are made – sitting around the fire roasting marshmallows, staring at the flames and sharing stories.
  • Cooking over an open fire.  Campfire cooking is a bit of an art.  Grab some great recipes here.

Inside camping activities for a rainy day

  • Charades. This game has been around forever – and you won’t need anything except a vivid imagination… oh, and pencil and paper. Charades can also be played at night around the campfire.

  • Board games. Too many to name and we all have our favorites. Bring some along. Dominoes, backgammon and a deck of cards can provide many hours of pleasant entertainment.
  • Journal your experiences. This activity isn’t only for children! Writing about our experiences helps solidify them in our memories. This will also come in handy if  your child is asked to write about their summer vacation.

 In search of wildlife

    • Identify wild plants that are edible Berries are a common edible food found around many campsites but we definitely need to know which ones are edible.  Check out this site for information on edible berries. If you are interested in finding a wider variety of edible plants this book is a good resource.
    • Identify wildlife.  There are many types of birds, squirrels, deer, bears in different parts of the country.

Record your experiences.

  • Don’t forget your cameras!  Pictures are a way of stopping time.  Take plenty.  And making movies – whether real or scripted – can be a lot of fun!

Using your imagination and some of the ideas from this list will ensure a fun filled trip for you and your loved ones.

Happy Camping!

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