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Oregon Coast

Camping is an activity that brings people together.  Camping in Oregon is a special experience that merits consideration.  There is something about sleeping under a canopy of stars dotting an ink colored sky.  Waking up to a crackling fire and sipping hot coffee from a tin cup conjures up pleasant thoughts for most of us.

Whether you enjoy camping on the beach or in the mountains, Oregon is the place to do it.  Oregon offers a variety of campgrounds that is unparalleled when compared to most other states.  What are some of the options available?  What make camping here different?  Lets take a look.

 The state of Oregon is well known for its natural beauty. Whether its raw coastline, sandy beaches, mountain landscapes or green forests, you are sure to find a favorite spot.  There are over 50 parks and numerous campgrounds to choose from.

Once you have decided on a location, narrowing down which campground to stay at will likely prove a challenge.  There are many, and each have their own advantages.  Some grounds accommodate RVs, others may offer cabins or yurts.   The tent option is a favorite choice of many campers.

Some of the grounds require a reservation while others operate on a first come, first serve basis. Take into consideration the time of year you plan to camp.  Some sites are seasonal, but you can find quite a few who stay open all year.  Now that you have in mind where, let’s take a look at what activities await you.

Mouth of the Klamath River

Besides spectacular views and a variety of landscapes, there are plenty of activities to keep everyone occupied.  Not only will you be kept busy, but you will be able to enjoy the breathtaking surroundings and natural beauty that is around you.

There are the standard things, like fishing, hiking and swimming.  Some of the campgrounds by the beach even offer windsurfing.  Boating is another option.  For you golf enthusiasts, many parks have golf courses.  Birdwatching, horseback riding and water-skiing are some favorites too.

For those who are looking for some adventure, rafting is a specialty of some areas.  In the south of Oregon, for example is the Rogue River.  Campgrounds around here offer guided rafting trips.  Complete with guides, equipment and even meals, those who are looking for something different will not be disappointed.

Coast Trail to Hidden Beach

Whether your ideal camping trip is a quiet place on the beach, listening to the crash of the surf, or you are looking for an adventurous whitewater ride down a river, Oregon has it.  There is no need to look any further than right here.  Plan the perfect camping trip in the setting of your choice.

If that wasn’t enough, the list of recreational activities has something for everyone.  Make your next trip even more memorable than the last.  Come camp here in Oregon, you will be glad you did!

If you are interested in camping in Oregon check out the campsites in Oregon at to get an idea of Oregon’s national forest and beach camping.

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