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Cougar Flats 2

The Columbia Cougar Flats 2 cabin tent is a good fit for families and for large groups of folks who like to camp together. The many advantages of this cabin tent make it a top seller. The size, quality and price are some of the reasons Cougar Flats ii tent owners are extremely happy with their purchase.

Two rooms  means you have the option to assign the kids one room while you snooze in the other, or the whole gang can bunk down in one room and use the extra room as a place to gather.

Cougar Flats IIGroups of folks that like to camp together can take advantage of the size of this tent and also the privacy that it affords. This would also be a good choice for children’s groups, like Girl Scout and Boy Scout groups, to take along on their camping trips. Yet another option is that this spacious tent can be configured into one huge room instead of two rooms, if needed. Very versatile.Because of it’s size the cougar flats tent sleeps six to ten people. This can be both a time and money saver. No need to purchase or set up two separate tents.

Pitching Your Cougar Flats 2 Cabin Tent Is Easy

Set up is easy and quickly done.  I don’t know about you, but I have spent more time than I care to remember being frustrated by tent set up in the past.  Simple, easy to follow directions and color coded poles make the cougar flats 2 tent set up much easier, leaving more time for the activities you enjoy.

Two doors and Two windows
There are two doors in this family cabin tent which allows for good traffic flow. With several campers going in and out this can be a real bonus.  When the doors and windows are open they allow for a better view of the surroundings making the tent seem larger still. This can also make it easier to keep an eye on the kids when you are inside the tent and they are outside playing. One drawback is that there isn’t an outside door in the back room.

Ample Air Circulation Keeps The Cougar Flats 2 Cool
The two windows, back air vents and top vents make for great air circulation that helps keep the interior cool on  hot days.  Both windows have protective awnings covering them that will shade the sun or divert the rain, depending on what is needed. These awnings allow the windows to be left open, even when it rains.  Having an awning over the front door would have been another nice touch.

Wheeled Carrying Bag
The cougar flats tent comes with a wheeled carrying bag.  I’m sure you can already imagine the bonus this is. There is no lugging of that fifty pound tent from your vehicle to the campsite, which makes it easier on the back.  Plus, Dad won’t have to be the only one assigned tent moving duties.

Have you ever wondered how the manufacture got the tent in the original box in the first place?  And we are expected to fold it up and put it back in that same box.  I don’t have the patience. Thank goodness the wheeled carrying bag has a zipper that increases the inside area of the bag when it’s time to repack the tent. There is also a hard plastic bottom on the bag that should increase the bags longevity.

Other features of the Cougar Flats 2 cabin tent are a camp port to run cable through the tent wall, a rain fly with 800mm waterproof coating, and internal storage that consists of pockets, storage lockers, cup holders and gear loft.

The benefits of the Columbia Cougar Flats 2 cabin tent are many making this good quality tent a good value as well.

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