Eureka Copper Canyon Best Value

Eureka tents are known for their high quality and the Eureka Copper Canyon is no exception. This roomy tent offers 156 square feet of temporary housing which is very nice indeed when camping for long periods of time. The vertical walls make the Eureka Copper Canyon seem even larger than its dome shaped counterparts. This tent is 7’3″ at center and because of the vertical walls tall campers are able to stand and walk erect from corner to corner.

Eureka Copper Canyon

Setting Up The Eureka Copper Canyon
Although many of us like to skip reading the directions that come with new products, if you take the time to read the directions for setting up the copper canyon, set up will be easier. After the initial run through the process will be a breeze. Like most larger tents having two people pitching the tent will make it go all the faster and smoother but it is doable with one person. Add additional guy lines if camping in areas with high winds. It is also a good idea to purchase good quality stakes. The copper canyon holds up well to rain and wind if properly set up and staked. The awning should be lowered in rainy conditions to prevent pooling of water.
The tent goes back in the carrying bag easily. It’s a good idea to note how the tent comes out of the bag to make stowing your tent easier still. The lightweight flooring makes it easier to fold the tent. It also makes it lighter in general. Even with the lightweight construction, the carrying bag can become rather heavy with the tent, poles and stakes in same bag. Some campers choose to split this weight up by stowing the poles and stakes in a separate bag.

This Tent is Roomy
The Eureka Copper Canyon 1312 sleeps 5-6 campers. The hanging center divider can be buttoned on each side for privacy. The divider does not attach at the floor which makes for an totally open floor area when the divider is not in place.  This open floor area gives the feel of a much larger tent. With the divider in place the Eureka Copper Canyon is like having two tents – each with it’s own entrance.

Great Ventilation – Plus It Retains Heat When Needed
There are six windows and two doors in the Copper Canyon. The doors are screened and can be used as a huge window. When all of the windows and doors are open but screened, this tent gives the feel of a screen-in porch. The ceiling also has a mesh area with an optional zipped covering.  With all openings covered and zipped up this ten holds heat well.

Additional Features

  • Power cords on both sides of tent
  • No-see-um mesh keeping even the smallest insects out
  • Hooks for hanging tent light, storage bags ….
  • Zippers are self healing meaning that if they become separated by pressure they will rejoin when the pull tab is run back

Take Aways

  • Patience is needed when using the zippers. They are good at what they do-  help keep moisture out and warmth in – but can present a problem when used in a hurry.
  • The tent stakes that come with the tent are not of the highest quality and many need to be replaced.  This is the case with most tents.
  • The tent floor is made from the same lightweight material as the rest of the tent. Placing a heavy tarp under a tent is always a good idea to protect the tent floor. Using area rugs inside is an option for protection and added comfort.

All in all the Eureka Copper Canyon is a high quality tent. The size, construction and durability are top notch and make this tent a great value.

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