Swiss Gear Montreaux Family Dome Tent

Swiss Gear FAmily Dome Tent

The Swiss Gear Family Dome Tent is a well constructed, very large family camping tent.  It is made of a durable light fabric and sturdy steel poles. The tent stands a full seven feet at the center leaving plenty of room for even the tallest of campers.  This tent can be configured into as many as four rooms truly making it a “family” tent. If you have a large family, this tent is worth considering.

Swiss Gear Family Dome TentPitching The Swiss Gear Family Dome Tent
One very nice feature of this family dome tent is that the instructions for set up are sewn into the storage bag making them near impossible to loose. The tent poles have cords inside, a pin and ring system, that help make assembling this tent a bit easier. Due to it’s size, it is a good idea to have two adults available for set up. Some folks find this tent a bit of a challenge on their first try, but after a dry run it is much easier – but isn’t that true of most everything?

Divide your tent into as many as four rooms.
The Swiss Gear Dome Tent is quite a large tent at 177 square feet. This tent can be configured in so many different ways. The front can be divided from the back making two large rooms or the back can be divided further divided into three rooms by using the privacy screens. Done this way the tent can be divided into four rooms, two larger and two smaller.

If the back room is divided into three spaces, with the two smaller rooms on each side, each side room is large enough for a twin sized mattress and a queen size mattress can be placed in the middle room.  Or, if the privacy screens are not put in place, the whole back room of the tent would accommodate two queen sized mattresses. And then there is the option of placing just one privacy screen to make one smaller room for a total of three rooms, two large and one small. The center divider allows for good privacy between the front and the back of the tent. This divider is not removable but of course could be left open.

Some folks like to use one of the smaller rooms as a bath room by placing a port-a-potty inside. This would be especially helpful when camping with young children. Another option is a smaller room could be used for storage or for a sleeping area for the family dog.

Plenty of Air Circulation

The roof of this dome tent is mesh and when the nights are clear you can take off the rain fly and watch the stars. Yes!

Even when the rainfly is in place, the fact that it sits above the top of the tent makes for great circulation. There are three windows in the back, one in the middle and one on each side of the tent and the front room has two large windows and one door all of which makes plenty of circulating air.

Other features

  • Flap for running an electric cord.
  • Bag for repacking your tent.
  • Window pockets to tuck the window covering into when windows are open.

Now For the Take Aways

  • The zipper tends to get stuck; patience is required
  • Cheap tent stakes. This seems to be a problems with most tents.
  • The storage bag could be a bit larger. Some campers use the bag that is included with this tent to store other camping gear and use a larger bag to pack the tent.

If you are looking for a good quality tent with a lot of room the Swiss Gear Family Dome Tent may just be the one to fit your needs.

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Riya April 26, 2014 at 7:33 am

oh my… my visit to Yosemite was full only of day walks with long return dreivs back to the hotel at night. This looks like the absolute best of both worlds. Roughing it with some comfort :)


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