Wenzel Klondike Family Cabin Tent

Wenzel Klondike Cabin Tent


The Wenzel Klondike family cabin  tent is a two room sixteen by eleven foot tent. The front room is a screened in area, with three of the walls made of mesh. This area can be used as a screened porch area or another alternative is to zip up the wall covers and turn the room into another sleeping area. The back room is large enough for as many as four queen mattresses, wall to wall, or two queen mattresses and two twin mattresses.

Wenzel Klondike Cabin TentSetting Up The Wenzel Klondike Cabin Tent
The set up of this family cabin tent takes an average of fifteen to twenty minutes with two people. Applying the rain fly is definitely a two person process. Make certain to find an area large enough to accommodate the footprint of the tent on level ground.

The full mesh ceiling is a real plus for those of us who like to star gaze at night. It also adds to the circulation of air throughout the tent on a hot day. Add to that the  three sided screen room with a mesh ceiling and you’ve got excellent ventilation. This tent is about as close as you will get to being in a tent but get the feeling of sleeping outside under the stars.

The rear of the tent has a vent for circulation too and can be kept open in rainy weather because of  the awning that covers the vent on the outside.

The down side of all this ventilation is that if the temperature is low at night the tent does not hold heat well. This is definitely a warm weather tent

The poles on the side of the tent are made of steel while the roof poles are made of fiberglass. The corners are double staked to help hole up to high winds. One reviewer stated that the tent stood up to torrential rain storms and wind of up to 30 mph gusts with only one pole braking.

The sixteen foot side has two supports and an angle anchor pole for the screen room which may not be enough in very high wind situations.  Because it is so large the one long sixteen foot wall may need extra tethering in stormy weather.

Other Features
Comes with storage duffel bag
Two hanging storage areas
Ten year warranty

The Wenzel Klondike Family Cabin Tent is a good choice for those who want a summer tent that offers loads of room at a good price.

Happy Camping!

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